Crossref Metadata

Crossref Metadata

Crossref is a non-for-profit membership organisation working on making scholarly communications better. It is an official Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Registration Agency of the International DOI Foundation. They provide metadata for every DOI that is registered with Crossref.

Crossref Members send Crossref scholarly metadata on research which is collated and standardised into the Crossref metadata dataset. This dataset is made available through services and tools for manuscript tracking, searching, bibliographic management, library systems, author profiling, specialist subject databases, scholarly sharing networks . - source: Crossref Metadata and schema details.

This table is created as part of the ONIX workflow. The Master Crossref Metadata table is created by Academic Observatory workflows and contains the entirety of the Crossref Metadata dataset. The ONIX workflow creates a subset of the Crossref Metadata by matching on the ISBNs of the workflow's publisher by querying the master table. This date-sharded table is placed in the crossref dataset in multiple crossref_metadataYYYYMMDD tables.

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